PowerBNB - Refer & Trade pBNB to earn BNB

A Unique Decentralized Smart Contract Exchange Economy (DSCEE) Project

Ownerless - Permissionless - No Slippage - Fully Decentralized Smart Contract Exchange

Fully Decentralized Web3.0 Exchange

The first fully decentralized web3.0 exchange powered by smart contract with zero ownership, permissions, and slippage. There is no ownership to the smart contract hence, once deployed it will be on the blockchain forever without the need for maintenance, allowing for perpetual trading.

Ownerless smart contract

Ownerless smart contract provides the highest level of safety and security, and perpetual tradability on the blockchain.

Zero Exchange Fees

Zero exchange and slippage. Only pay for smart contract interaction, providing a maintenance free ecosystem.

Hold pBNB, earn BNB

Buy some pBNB, and start earning BNB dividends! Your earnings are proportionate to the percentage of pBNB supply you hold.

Compound your Earnings

You can reinvest your BNB dividends to buy more pBNB, and grow your pBNB token holding for greater dividend of BNB on every trade.

Sell & Withdraw Anytime

You can buy, sell, and withdraw all pBNB tokens or BNB dividends at any time. There is no lock or mechanisms that prevents you from withdrawing your investments safely.

More than an Exchange

PowerBNB makes growth expotential - Refer, Trade and Earn today!

High Yield Investment

pBNB smart-contract is designed for value creation, on each sell of pBNB, the tokens are burned, creating a 100x growth deflationary protocol.

Strong Dividend

PowerBNB uses a unique reward and dividend smart-contract that pays out 10% of every transaction into BNB dividend to all token holders.

Unique Referral

PowerBNB referral system provides advocates with a risk free method to earn BNB through referral, for everyone that you refer using your unique referral link - you will receive 3% of your referee's investment in BNB as a reward.